WE ARE ADOPTED is a not-for-profit organization which is dedicated to serving and forwarding the interests of adopted people of all ages.

We are not an adoption placement agency.

We do not provide assistance in searching for family members or in facilitating adoption reunions, however we can assist you in finding sources that can help you with a search of this kind. Please see the links section of the website for more information.

We have a facebook group called WE ARE ADOPTED and we hold a discussion/support meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  For more information please contact

We DO offer peer support meetings, counselling and advocacy services, guest speakers, panels, and whatever other resources the community wants or needs. Our goal is to have a permanent resource centre including a lending library. If you are an adopted person you are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas and take advantage of the resources we offer.

WE ARE ADOPTED came about as a result of a research project begun by Catherine Moore. Over the years she wondered what had become of the many reunions that she witnessed when she was reunited with her birth family in the early 1990’s. She began searching for books or articles on the subject but could find nothing about reunions other than “how to” guides. In order to find out more she began to ask reunited families to share their experiences and wisdom. As she began researching and interviewing contributors, she realized that while there are resources and associations for other members of the adoption triad, there are no local groups specifically for and about adopted people: hence the birth of the WE ARE ADOPTED.

Much work has been done identifying the issues relevant to all members of the adoption triad – birth parent, adoptee and adoptive parent – but much remains to be learned about what comes after, and how current and future adoption practice can be modified to enhance the experience for all participants.

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