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Review of “Find My Family”

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pilot episode of Find My Family was nowhere near as sensationalized and shallow as I had expected it might be. I cringed at the thought of how a life-changing and emotionally charged experience like an adoption reunion could be mishandled by a reality TV. production. I thought they did well to have hosts who were adopted people, and who had experienced a reunion themselves. They came across as sensitive and genuine. The participants in this episode seemed to be emotionally mature individuals who openly expressed their fears and hopes, demonstrating their awareness of the complex issues intrinsic to reunion. The participants were respectful of one another and of the larger family circle. The big tear jerker for me was the letter that the birthfather wrote and read aloud to his relinquished daughter. Why can’t there be more birthfathers like that?!!!! I look forward to seeing the next episode, where the adoptive family and the birth family meet. It can’t all be smooth sailing, can it?

We’ll have to wait to find out… And of course it makes me wonder if subsequent shows will have pre-screened participants so that only the most ideal scenarios unfold?

My only criticism: lose the cheesy running across the field into one another’s arms under the “family” tree. Isn’t there enough drama already.

By Catherine Moore

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